Vaccine Efficacy at Reducing Viral Transmission

Pfizer director admits vaccine was never tested on preventing transmission. / Twitter and Pfizer didn’t know if Covid vaccine stopped transmission before rollout | Daily Telegraph

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla states "our COVID-19 vaccine was 100% effective in preventing #COVID19 cases in South Africa. 100%!" / Twitter

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla announces "I have tested positive for COVID" / Twitter and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tests positive for Covid-19 again | CNN

Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us | The BMJ - clinical trial limitations including never studying transmission

What do we know about covid vaccines and preventing transmission? | The BMJ

Re: UBC Plan to de-register students who have not declared their COVID-19 vaccination status ( - an official letter to the University of British Columbia from Vancouver Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Patricia Daly condemning mandatory vaccine policies because the COVID vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission

Covid-19 vaccine tracker ( - interactive chart comparing vaccination rates country by country

Study: Vaccinated people can carry as much virus as others | AP News

Jabs do not reduce risk of passing Covid within household, study suggests | Coronavirus | The Guardian - Study: Community transmission and viral load kinetics of the SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK: a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study - The Lancet Infectious Diseases

Fauci: Amount of virus in breakthrough delta cases ‘almost identical’ to unvaccinated | The Hill and Fauci on the Delta variant, same viral load as unvaxxed - YouTube

Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States ( - study showing highly vaccinated communities were just as likely to have high cases as low cases (no correlation) during Delta

Gibraltar cancels Christmas celebrations amid COVID surge ( and Waterford city district has State’s highest rate of Covid-19 infections ( - regions with 100% and 99.7% vaccination rates during Delta experienced surging cases

Israel was down to a handful of daily COVID cases. Now it's around 11,000. What happened? | CBC News

COVID vaccines cut the risk of transmitting Delta — but not for long (

Secondary Attack Rates, Transmission, Incubation and Serial Interval Periods of first SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant cases in a northern region of Spain. | Research Square - study showing unvaccinated and vaccinated have the same capacity to transmit the virus

Israeli Hospital: 4th Vaccination Does Not Prevent Spread of Omicron (

CDC streamlines COVID-19 guidance to help the public better protect themselves and understand their risk | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC - updated guidance from the CDC makes no distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated

Vaccine Efficacy at Reducing Hospitalizations & Deaths

BCCDC COVID-19 Regional Surveillance Dashboard – Archived | Tableau Public - BC government report stating 81% of COVID deaths had 2 or 3 vaccine doses between January and June of 2022; BC ended the collection of COVID outcome stats by vaccination status on June 18th, 2022

COVID-19 pandemic update | BC Gov News - final BC government COVID-19 report (reporting ended April 4th, 2022) stating the fully vaccinated made up 80.1% of COVID hospitalizations

Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us | The BMJ

Waning Immunity after the BNT162b2 Vaccine in Israel | NEJM - study showing protection provided by Pfizer vaccine wanes quickly

COVID-19 vaccine benefits exaggerated, say experts ( - thorough explanation of Relative Risk Reduction vs Absolute Risk Reduction; COVID vaccines have an average of about 1% ARR efficacy

Coronavirus chart: see how your country compares | Free to read | Financial Times ( - interactive chart comparing case and death rates country by country

Covid Vaccines Give Zero Protection Against Death, ONS Data Suggest – The Daily Sceptic - vaccine efficacy during Omicron

Neutralizing Antibodies Against the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant (BA.1) 1 to 18 Weeks After the Second and Third Doses of the BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine | Infectious Diseases | JAMA Network Open | JAMA Network - study showing waning Neutralizing Antibodies after vaccination

COVID Vaccine Booster Effectiveness Drops Quickly, Study Says – NBC New York

Covid is no longer mainly a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Here’s why. - The Washington Post - in 2022, most COVID deaths are in the vaccinated

NSW Respiratory Surveillance Report - week ending 31 December 2022 - In the final New South Whales COVID report of 2022, no unvaccinated persons were hospitalized, nearly all deaths were in the vaccinated and the NSW authorities announced they will no longer report vaccination status of hospitalizations and deaths

Global impact of the first year of COVID-19 vaccination: a mathematical modelling study - The Lancet Infectious Diseases - a frequently cited study claiming many millions of lives were saved by the COVID vaccines was based on mathematical modelling and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with Gavi Vaccine Alliance and the WHO, both of which receive funding from the Gates Foundation

Negative Efficacy

Covid Vaccine Destroys Natural Immunity, NEJM Study Shows – The Daily Sceptic

Repeat Covid Booster Shots Spur Warning on Immune Response, EU Regulators Warn - Bloomberg

Why are boosted Americans testing positive for COVID more? | Miami Herald

Duration of Shedding of Culturable Virus in SARS-CoV-2 Omicron (BA.1) Infection | NEJM - study showing infected vaccinated people are contagious for longer than the unvaccinated

Rate of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection During an Omicron Wave in Iceland | Infectious Diseases | JAMA Network Open | JAMA Network - study showing those with 2 or more doses are more likely to get COVID than those with 1 or none

Vaccination Increases Infection Risk by 44%, Oxford Study Finds – The Daily Sceptic

Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Bivalent Vaccine | medRxiv - study shows that for each bivalent dose received, the chance of getting COVID-19 increases

Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants? - WSJ

COVID-19 Policy Consequences

Great Barrington Declaration ( - proposal signed by tens of thousands of doctors in October 2020 recommending a targeted approach to managing COVID and an end to lockdowns - Rethinking Covid | Jay Bhattacharya & Gigi Foster - YouTube

Did lockdowns work? The verdict on Covid restrictions — Institute of Economic Affairs ( - a meta-analysis review of studies that concludes lockdowns had little benefit while causing social, cultural, and economic damage

Lockdowns only reduced COVID deaths by 0.2 per cent, Johns Hopkins study finds | National Post - Study: A-Literature-Review-and-Meta-Analysis-of-the-Effects-of-Lockdowns-on-COVID-19-Mortality.pdf (

Simon Fraser University Professor: "Lockdown will go down as one of the greatest peacetime policy failures in Canada’s history" ( - Study: Covid Lockdown Cost/Benefits: A Critical Assessment of the Literature - LockdownReport.pdf (

The Unintended Consequences of COVID-19 Vaccine Policy: Why Mandates, Passports, and Segregated Lockdowns May Cause more Harm than Good :: SSRN

Are lockdown effects ‘killing more people than Covid’? (

Drug Overdose Deaths in the U.S. Top 100,000 Annually (

COVID-19 Mortality by State ( - CDC data showing COVID-19 deaths in 2020 and 2021 were similar in California and Florida despite these states taking dramatically different approaches to the pandemic

Risk of Severe COVID-19

Zero Young Healthy Individuals Died Of COVID-19, Israeli Data Show | ZeroHedge - Israeli government has no record of a single person between the ages 18-49 with no underlying morbidities who died of COVID-19 in Israel

Reductions in life expectancy directly associated with COVID-19 in 2020 ( - Canadian government report stating the average age at death due to COVID-19 in 2020 was 83.8 years while the average age at death in 2019 was 76.5 years

Deaths from COVID-19 with no other underlying causes - Office for National Statistics ( - FOI data showing vast majority of COVID deaths in UK were in elderly and relatively low overall death numbers in younger people with no pre-existing conditions

COVID-19 Much Less Deadly Than Previously Thought, Major Study Finds – The Daily Sceptic - study finds for ages 0-59 that COVID-19 has an infection fatality rate of 0.035% - study: Age-stratified infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in the non-elderly informed from pre-vaccination national seroprevalence studies | medRxiv

Just 0.05% of healthy under-70s who get Covid-19 will die from the disease, study claims | Daily Mail Online

Does Covid-19 in children have a milder course than Influenza? - PubMed ( - study concludes COVID is milder than influenza in children

Is My Child More Likely To Get COVID-19 Or The Flu? : Shots - Health News : NPR and Covid: Children's extremely low risk confirmed by study - BBC News - COVID has similar death rate as flu in children

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel compares COVID-19 to the seasonal flu and believes people under 50 should decide for themselves if they want an annual booster / Twitter

U.S. Adults' Estimates of COVID-19 Hospitalization Risk (

Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say? - WSJ

S.African doctor says patients with Omicron variant have "very mild" symptoms | Reuters and Omicron 91 percent less likely to be fatal compared to Delta: CDC study ( and Infectious Omicron could be 99 per cent LESS deadly than other strains as daily cases fall for third day in a row | The Sun

Covid: CDC study finds about 78% of people hospitalized were overweight or obese (

The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated Patients—A Large Population-Based Study - PMC ( - study finds no increased incidence of pericarditis nor myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID

Masking Effectiveness

Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses | Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections - a meta-analysis of numerous studies suggests there is insufficient evidence to say surgical masks and N95 respirators reduce the spread of the flu or other respiratory illnesses, including SARS-CoV-2

Use of face masks did not impact COVID-19 incidence among 10–12-year-olds in Finland | medRxivThe Bangladesh Mask Study Is a Missed Opportunity – The Daily Sceptic - Study: Impact of community masking on COVID-19: A cluster-randomized trial in Bangladesh ( - study shows cloth masks provide no benefit while surgical masks showed a small reduction in casesThat Study of Face Masks Does Not Show What the CDC Claims ( Pediatric COVID-19 Cases in Counties With and Without School Mask Requirements—United States, July 1—October 20 2021 by Ambarish Chandra, Tracy Beth Høeg :: SSRNMask mandate didn’t work against COVID-19 in LA, say doctors from USC and UCLA – Daily NewsDr. Bonnie Henry's mask advice - YouTubeUnravelling the Role of the Mandatory Use of Face Covering Masks for the Control of SARS-CoV-2 in Schools (Spain) :: SSRN - study showing mask mandates in schools were not associated with lower cases or a reduction in transmissionMask Use Still Widespread In Slowly Reopening Japan As Coronavirus Cases Remain Low ( and Japan Is Now Reporting More Covid Cases Than Any Other Country ( - Forbes reports in 2020 that near-universal mask wearing in Japan suppressed the spread of the virus while in 2022 they report Japan has soaring new casesJapan tops weekly world ranking for Covid-19 cases - Asia News Network - extremely mask-compliant Japan experiences multiple waves of soaring cases in 2022Fauci Finally Admits Mask Mandates Don't Work, Says '10 Percent' Effective In New York Times Piece – OutKick - when referring to mask effectiveness in an interview, Dr Fauci says ‘masks work at the margin - maybe 10 percent’

Vaccine Approval and Regulation

Does the FDA think these data justify the first full approval of a covid-19 vaccine? - The BMJ - vaccine-induced protection drops rapidly

FDA’s director and deputy director of its Office of Vaccines Research & Review resign - PMLiVE - #1 and #2 persons in charge of vaccine approval in the USA resign over political pressure to authorize boosters

‘Paramount importance’: Judge orders FDA to hasten release of Pfizer vaccine docs | Reuters

Why Omicron Boosters Weren’t Tested in People | Time

FDA vaccine advisers 'disappointed' and 'angry' that early data about new Covid-19 booster shot wasn't presented for review last year | CNN

Vaccine Safety

Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults - ScienceDirect - a reanalysis of the original mRNA clinical trials reveals 12.5 per 10,000 [1 in 800] who received the vaccine suffered a serious adverse event

Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report ( - (PDF Report) - a COVID-19 safety report using data from WHO and CDC as well as European and UK agencies - European data shows COVID vaccines caused 72.5x more adverse reactions than the measles vaccine and nearly 400x more adverse reactions than the polio vaccine

Covid vaccine: You can't sue Pfizer or Moderna over side effects ( - vaccine companies have total immunity from liability when there are serious adverse reactions

Have People Been Given the Wrong Vaccine? ⋆ Brownstone Institute - Study: Randomised Clinical Trials of COVID-19 Vaccines: Do Adenovirus-Vector Vaccines Have Beneficial Non-Specific Effects? :: SSRN - study showing Pfizer’s own data indicates a vaccinated person has higher all-cause mortality than an unvaccinated person

BREAKING NEWS: ICAN Obtains CDC V-Safe Data - ICAN - Informed Consent Action Network ( - a court order required the CDC to publicize data from its vaccine safety app V-Safe

New study: 133x risk of myocarditis after COVID vaccination | Israel National News - Arutz Sheva

BNT162b2 Vaccine-Associated Myo/Pericarditis in Adolescents: A Stratified Risk-Benefit Analysis - PubMed ( - study showing for boys 12-17 with prior infection and no comorbidities, risk of myo/pericarditis from an mRNA vaccine outweighs the benefit

COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis Update From Thailand ( - study shows 29% of children between 13-18 had some level of cardiovascular event after second dose of Pfizer vaccine

Changes of ECG parameters after BNT162b2 vaccine in the senior high school students - PubMed ( - 17.1% of high school students studied in Taiwan experienced at least 1 cardiac symptom after 2 Pfizer doses

COVID-19 vaccine boosters for young adults: a risk benefit assessment and ethical analysis of mandate policies at universities | Journal of Medical Ethics ( - study showing vaccine mandates for university students will cause 18.5 serious adverse reactions for each COVID hospitalization averted

Bundesgesundheitsministerium on Twitter: "@PEIGermany Korrektur: Die Melderate für schwerwiegende Reaktionen beträgt laut @PEIGermany 0,2 Meldungen pro 1.000 Impfdosen." / Twitter - German Gov’t Tweet: 0.2 in 1000 (1 in 5000) chance of serious adverse reaction per dose of COVID-19 vaccine - German gov’t safety data

ACS Risk Biomarkers Significantly Increase After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine - The Cardiology Advisor - significant increase in markers that indicate heart damage after COVID vaccination

Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave | Scientific Reports ( - table excerpt: Table 1 Year-to-year absolute and relative changes in the counts of cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome calls by age group and gender. (

Denmark ends COVID jab for people under 50 - The Counter Signal and Vaccination against COVID-19 - Danish Health Authority ( - Danish gov’t announces stopping COVID-19 vaccinations for anyone under 18 years old

Coronavirus vaccine - NIPH ( - Norway recommends boosters only for people 65 and older with few exceptions

Guidance for Mrna COVID-19 Vaccine | Florida Department of Health ( - Florida recommends men aged 18-39 do not get an mRNA vaccine

Vaccine eligibility in Australia: why it is unlikely more shots will be approved this year ( - people under 30 in Australia not eligible to receive boosters

(Not so) "Safe and Effective" - by Robert W Malone MD, MS (

Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine - Part 1 | Malhotra | Journal of Insulin Resistance & Part 2

Dramatic Rise in All-Cause Mortality / Excess Deaths

DKS DATA - COVID 19 - using the years before the pandemic as a baseline, the total number of non-COVID excess deaths is greater than all COVID deaths in Canada for 2020-2022

Alberta sees spike in deaths with unknown causes in 2021 | CTV News - in 2021, Alberta had 3,362 deaths with unknown cause - Alberta records 255 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, 6 deaths | - in the first year of the pandemic (March 2020 to March 2021), Alberta had 1,926 COVID deaths

Cureus | Estimation of Excess Mortality in Germany During 2020-2022 | Article - study showing dramatic excess deaths began in Germany in April 2021 and reached a total of 100,000 for 2021 and 2022 combined

Non-Covid Excess Deaths, 2020-21: Collateral Damage of Policy Choices? PDF (

There was an unexpected 40% increase in 'all cause deaths' in 2021 - (

United States Weekly Cumulative All-Cause Excess Deaths by Age Group - US Mortality Monitoring - charts showing an increase in all-cause excess deaths at the start of the pandemic that continues to rise after vaccination campaigns and after the emergence of Omicron

CMI says 2022 had the worst second half for mortality since 2010 ( - 7.8% increase to mortality rates for ages 20-44 in the UK in 2022 compared to 2019 rates

Is there a Link between the 2021 COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake in Europe and 2022 Excess All-Cause Mortality? v1 | Preprints - Pre-print study of European countries shows for every 1% of a country’s population to become vaccinated, their excess mortality in 2022 increased by about 0.1%.

Global excess deaths associated with COVID-19, January 2020 - December 2021 ( - WHO statistics show Sweden, a place without COVID lockdowns, had lower ‘direct and indirect’ COVID deaths than most of Europe and less than half than in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy

OECD Statistics - statistics website with interactive charts comparing excess deaths between various countries (Health > COVID-19 Health Indicators > Mortality > Excess Deaths) - Sweden has far fewer excess deaths

Healthcare Shortcomings

Vitor Marciano: Alberta’s fourth wave exposes how little capacity Canada’s hospitals actually have | National PostLow health-care capacity cost Canada economically amid pandemic: report - National | Globalnews.caAlberta plans permanent boost to ICUs as it struggles to stay above current demand - The Globe and MailMedicare for All Could Have Prevented More Than 338,000 US Covid Deaths: Study (

Healthcare Shortcomings Pre-COVID-19

Canada ranks last on number of hospital beds, wait times - Hospital NewsHospitals Overwhelmed by Flu Patients Are Treating Them in Tents | TimeSurge in flu cases has some overwhelmed Canadian ERs telling would-be patients to stay away | National PostOntario ERs 'overwhelmed' as flu hits harder than usual | CTV News

Overcounting Cases, Hospitalizations & Deaths

Dr. Tony Fauci - PCR cycles - YouTube - Fauci stating PCR test cycle count above 36 yields only dead nucleotides, not enough to culture the virusCOVID in Clinton County: Death certificates give glimpse into pandemic's local impact | Local News | - US health officials state the definition of a COVID death is simple someone who tests positive at the time of deathSome patients go in for COVID-19, others are infected alongside another issue. In hospitals, those lines blur | CBC NewsAlmost half of all Covid hospital patients in some areas are ‘incidental’ cases ( Hospitals Say 50% COVID Patients Are There for Other Reasons ( people hospitalized in the Omicron surge are there for other reasons and have only mild COVID-19 ( of Covid patients in hospital are incidental cases, say officials – The Irish TimesDoctor who's CNN and WaPo medical expert admits number of COVID deaths have been OVERCOUNTED | Daily Mail Online

Bombshell in Western Australia: Only 10% of alleged Covid deaths actually due to Covid | The Rio Times | Brazil News (

Public Health Failures and Conflicts

The illusion of evidence based medicine | The BMJ

Dr Peter Doshi: Speaks on access to clinical data - YouTube and Believe the science! Here you go: Dr. Peter Doshi, a senior editor at the British Medical Journal. - YouTube

How the CDC Abandoned Science - Tablet Magazine

How Fauci Fooled America | Opinion (

U.S. Public Health Agencies Aren't ‘Following the Science,’ Officials Say (

Why America Doesn't Trust the CDC | Opinion (

Dr. Rochelle Walensky Knows the CDC Made 'Dramatic Mistakes.' Now She's Trying to Fix Them (

Experts had too much power over Covid lockdowns, says Rishi Sunak - BBC News

CDC withholding COVID data over fears of misinterpretation (

COVID vaccine hesitancy associated with increased traffic crash risk - Sunnybrook Research Institute - study shows unvaccinated are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents; study funded by Canadian government to "promote confidence in vaccines" - Grants and Contributions (

South African doctor who discovered Omicron says she was 'pressured' into making variant sound worse | Daily Mail Online

Dr Kerryn Phelps reveals Pfizer Covid vaccine injury, says doctors have been ‘censored’ | — Australia’s leading news site

In retrospect, we did not get much out of vaccinating the children, acknowledges Brostrøm - TV 2 - Danish Health Authority says vaccinating 12-15 year-olds was a mistake

It's Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong About COVID and It Cost Lives | Opinion (

Can we trust Covid modelling? More evidence from Sweden | The Spectator

The Failure of Imperial College Modeling Is Far Worse than We Knew | AIER - early COVID modelling predicted that 1 year into the pandemic, Sweden would experience deaths over 7x higher than actually occurred

Director-General of WHO admitted that WHO is compromised. "I have to take a hat and go around the world to beg for money" / Twitter - Director-General of the WHO says the funds she receives are highly linked to the preferences of the donors

Who Funds the World Health Organization? ( - as of 2019, the 2nd largest funder of the World Health Organization is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the 3rd largest is Gavi Vaccine Alliance, an organization funded by the Gates Foundation

The Most Important Test You’ve Never Heard Of ( - research suggest asymptomatic spread of SARS-CoV-2 is far less common than we were told

“Do Not Discriminate” Against the Unvaccinated, Japanese Government Tells Citizens – The Daily Sceptic

Media Failures & Integrity

Vi fejlede – Ekstra Bladet - “We failed” - Danish publication admission of failures in COVID reportingSpeaking Freely - Lean Out with Tara Henley ( - journalist who quit the CBC over their COVID coverageCovid-19 policy: Leading Israeli immunologist writes open letter: "It is time to admit failure" - The Rio Times ( Letter — Bari Weiss - former New York Times journalistOmicron symptoms "totally different" from Delta COVID-19 variant: South African doctor - YouTube - Global News segment with b-roll footage of mass graves being dug while South African doctor says Omicron COVID presents as mild coldMunk Debate - Mainstream Media ft. Douglas Murray, Matt Taibbi, Malcolm Gladwell, Michelle Goldberg - YouTube - after a 90 minute debate on whether the mainstream media should be trusted, 67% of the audience agreed the mainstream media should not be trusted, a 39% shift from before the debate, the largest shift in Munk Debate historyThe government just made its toxic media bailout plan even worse | CBC NewsWhat is the $600 million Liberal media bailout? | CTV NewsWhich Media Benefitted From The Trudeau Government's Covid-19 Funds? - CANADALAND | Canada News MediaTrudeau government won't say who got billions of dollars in aid | CBC News

Natural Immunity

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Naturally Acquired Immunity versus Vaccine-induced Immunity, Reinfections versus Breakthrough Infections: A Retrospective Cohort Study | Clinical Infectious Diseases | Oxford Academic ( - study showing those vaccinated and with no previous infection were 13x more likely to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 and 27x more likely to develop symptomatic COVID when compared to the unvaccinated with natural immunity during Delta

The High Cost of Disparaging Natural Immunity to Covid - WSJ

Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections | medRxiv - study showing natural immunity provides superior protection than two doses of the Pfizer vaccine

Protection and Waning of Natural and Hybrid Immunity to SARS-CoV-2 | NEJM - study showing natural immunity provides greater protection than that provided by vaccination without previous infection

COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations by COVID-19 Vaccination Status and Previous COVID-19 Diagnosis — California and New York, May–November 2021 | MMWR ( - CDC says by October 2021, cases of COVID were lower in those with a previous infection than in those who were vaccinated with no previous infection

Prevalence and Durability of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Among Unvaccinated US Adults by History of COVID-19 | Infectious Diseases | JAMA | JAMA Network - study showing that in those who were unvaccinated and recovered from COVID, antibodies were detected in their blood up to 20 months after infection

People who have had covid-19 don’t need three vaccine shots - The Washington Post

CDC streamlines COVID-19 guidance to help the public better protect themselves and understand their risk | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC - updated guidance from the CDC acknowledges immunity conferred from natural infection

Opinion | A compromise on the military covid vaccine mandate - The Washington Post - natural immunity offers far better and much longer lasting protection than someone with two vaccine doses and no prior infection

At-Home & Early Treatment

Think you may have Omicron? Here are things you can do | CBC Radio - rest and Tylenol are the only recommendationsStudy: Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Severe COVID ( - patients with vitamin D deficiency were 14x more likely to have severe COVID and 10x more likely to die - Study: Pre-infection 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels and association with severity of COVID-19 illness | PLOS ONEInsufficient vitamin D linked to fourfold increase in risk of death among Covid-19 patients – The Irish TimesAssociation between vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19 infection and mortality | Scientific Reports ( - study showing sufficient vitamin D3 reduced COVID-19 mortality by 33%Protective Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on COVID-19-Related Intensive Care Hospitalization and Mortality: Definitive Evidence from Meta-Analysis and Trial Sequential Analysis - PMC ( - meta-analysis of multiple randomized control trials showed vitamin D administration reduces the chance of death from COVID by 51% and of ICU hospitalization by 72%

Pharmaceutical Industry Track Record & Influence

Pfizer | Violation Tracker ( on Crime? Pfizer and the CIHR ( pays record fine for illegal promotions | CBC NewsIndustries • OpenSecrets - by a very wide margin, the Pharmaceuticals/Health Products industry spends the most on lobbying in the United StatesEvaluation of BNT162b2 Covid-19 Vaccine in Children Younger than 5 Years of Age | NEJM - study funded by Pfizer concludes its vaccine is safe and effective in children 6 months to 4 years oldU.S. pharma TV ad spend 2020 | Statista - in 2020, 75% of the of total TV ad spending was by the pharmaceutical industry

Regulator Conflicts of Interest

The Regulatory Capture of the FDA - The American ConservativeThe Biopharmaceutical Industry Provides 75% Of The FDA's Drug Review Budget. Is This A Problem? ( Let Drugs Approved on Fraudulent Research Stay on the Market — ProPublicaFDA Repays Industry by Rushing Risky Drugs to Market — ProPublicaA Look At How The Revolving Door Spins From FDA To Industry : Shots - Health News : NPRFDA's revolving door: Companies often hire agency staffers who managed their successful drug reviews | Science | AAAS

Tech Industry Censorship & Manipulation

The Twitter Blacklisting of Jay Bhattacharya - WSJHow Twitter Rigged the Covid Debate ( Doctors Pushed Covid Lockdowns On Twitter. Turns Out They Don’t Exist ( Vaccine Makers Pressured Twitter to Censor Activists ( the Twitter Files: Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to hide posts challenging his company's massively profitable Covid jabs ( the Facebook Files: Emails Reveal CDC's Role in Stifling COVID Dissent (

NCLA Clients Join Missouri and Louisiana Suit Challenging Gov’t-Directed Social Media Censorship - New Civil Liberties Alliance ( - lawsuit against US federal government over social media COVID censorship

SARS-CoV-2 Origin

How Dr. Fauci and Other Officials Withheld Information on China's Coronavirus Experiments ( Fauci and Collins Shut Down Covid Debate - WSJInside the Virus-Hunting Nonprofit at the Center of the Lab-Leak Controversy | Vanity FairRevising the paradigm: Are bats really pathogen reservoirs or do they possess an efficient immune system? - ScienceDirectAn Analysis of the Origins of COVID-19 PDF - United States Senate (

One of China's earliest Covid patients was AMERICAN-funded (

Rights and Freedoms

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms PDF (

No vaccine passports in B.C's future: Dr. Bonnie Henry | iNFOnews ( - Dr. Bonnie Henry states there is ‘no way’ she will recommend vaccine passports due to the inequities they would create

Vancouver Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Patricia Daly, states the purpose of Vaccine Passports is to 'incentivize' people to get vaccinated (

Lockdowns compared: tracking governments’ coronavirus responses | Free to read | Financial Times ( - interactive map and chart comparing severity of lockdowns country by country

Discriminatory Attitudes Against the Unvaccinated During a Global Pandemic | Nature

Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis ( and
Trudeau still doesn’t have any rationale for mandates and restrictions | True North (

COVID-19 transmission on flights 'extremely rare,' Dr. Tam says | CBC News and Air Canada Welcomes Government of Canada Decision to Lift Mask, Testing and ArriveCan Requirements - Sep 26, 2022 ( - Air Canada statement saying the travel mandates “were not justified by science.”

TRUDEAU FLASHBACK: 'We're not a country that makes vaccinations mandatory' | The Post Millennial |

Trudeau: “Protests To Demand Changes To Public Policy Is Something That I Think Is Worrisome” - YouTube

Military leaders saw pandemic as opportunity to test propaganda techniques, report says | Ottawa Citizen

EXCLUSIVE: The Federal Government Is Tracking Unvaccinated People Who Go To The Doctor And To The Hospital Due to CDC-Designed Surveillance Program - National File

Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation (

Army’s ‘information warfare’ unit monitored Covid lockdown critics (

2022 ONSC 1198 (CanLII) | J.N. v. C.G. | CanLII - Canadian judge’s ruling on case where parents disagreed on vaccinating their child

Northern Territory's COVID-19 outbreak has jumped to poverty-stricken fringes of Katherine. Here's the latest - ABC News - Howard Springs quarantine camp in Australia

Opinion: We are giving up our freedoms in the fight against COVID-19. The question is will we get them back? - The Globe and Mail and On COVID restrictions, our governments keep firing up the gaslights and shifting the goalposts | CBC News

On Khadr, Trudeau says Charter protects all Canadians 'even when it is uncomfortable' | CBC News and Trudeau on Khadr settlement - YouTube

Unvaccinated Demographics

Americans with PhDs are most reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID ( join waiters in turning down Covid jabs | News | The Times


Long COVID risk falls only slightly after vaccination, huge study shows ( COVID poses risks to vaccinated people, too – Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis ( COVID rare in kids, UK study finds - ScimexLong Covid rare among kids in Finland | News | Yle UutisetIn rare cases, coronavirus vaccines may cause Long Covid–like symptoms | Science | AAASA Longitudinal Study of COVID-19 Sequelae and Immunity: Baseline Findings | Annals of Internal Medicine ( - study states being a woman and have a self-reported history of anxiety disorders are the only identifiable risk factors that significantly increase the chance getting Long COVIDLong Covid Less Common Than Feared As Studies Suggest Many Confuse Other Symptoms With Condition ( of Initial SARS-CoV-2 Test Positivity With Patient-Reported Well-being 3 Months After a Symptomatic Illness | Public Health | JAMA Network Open | JAMA Network - study shows that Long COVID-like symptoms were more common in people who had upper respiratory illnesses other than COVID; those who had COVID did not have more severe long-illness than those who did not have COVID after 3-month follow-upNatural course of health and well-being in non-hospitalised children and young people after testing for SARS-CoV-2: A prospective follow-up study over 12 months - The Lancet Regional Health – Europe - study shows many who reported Long COVID symptoms did so after 12 months, suggesting many symptoms were not a result of SARS-CoV-2 infection and for symptoms other than shortness of breath and tiredness, rates of symptoms were comparable between those with a positive test and those withoutPrevalence and Characteristics Associated With Post-COVID-19 Condition Among Nonhospitalized Adolescents and Young Adults - PubMed ( - study saying symptoms often attributed to post-COVID-19 condition (long COVID) occur in both those who had and did not have COVID and are associated with factors other than SARS-CoV-2 infection, including low physical activity and loneliness

Changed Definitions

Yes, the CDC changed its definition of vaccine to be ‘more transparent’ ( Defines 79 Percent of Americans as ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ ( - definition of 'anti-vaxxer' changed in 2018 to include those who oppose mandating vaccines through laws/regulations